ERP RoadMap & Project Planning

Learn how to develop an ERP RoadMap and plan your next ERP Project better | taught by Rob Johnson, PMP, B.Comm
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  • 2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

ERP Roadmap & Project Planning
ERP Roadmap & Project Planning - PM Academy FREE PREVIEW
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Template - ERP Roadmap & Project Planning Presentation
ERP Roadmap & Project Planning Presentation
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Template - ERP Roadmap
Template (visio) - ERP Project Roadmap
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Requirements Gathering
Requirements Gathering Templates
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Stakeholder Analysis & Change Management
Identify stakeholders effectively and plan for organizational changes
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Business Process Mapping
Map your business processes
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ERP Vendor Vetting Questions
Types of questions to ask ERP Vendors
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All ERP Templates to plan your next ERP Project

Course description

  • ERP Roadmap
  • ERP Objectives
  • Change Management
  • Taught in English
  • Data & Testing
  • Transition to Operations
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Vendor Selection Process
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Implementation Plan
  • ERP templates for planning
  • Globally recognized by employers

Your next ERP Project is one of the most critical endeavours for any company to undertake and the most challenging for a project manager. It is important to have a solid foundation from the beginning to plan the decisions and actions you will take on your project. Many organizations don't have the expertise or knowledge for a major ERP Project, therefore it is important to provide and ERP Roadmap or vision upfront in order to initiate and plan the project effectively.

At PM Academy, we will provide you with industry leading instructors teaching you what you need to know, how to plan your next ERP Project and provide you ERP Templates to be successful.

Course Details

Our ERP Roadmap & Project Planning course is specifically designed to not just help you on your next ERP Project. Our objective is to make you a better project manager, providing the latest thought leadership and lasting insights into how to delivery projects that create lasting value. Our blueprint is built upon the following essential capabilities and strategies when you are planning your next ERP Project.

  • ERP Roadmap Presentation
  • Key steps to match objectives of the project to your company
  • Proper stakeholder identification and requirements gathering techniques
  • How to plan the vendor selection process
  • Implementation Plans
  • Data migration and testing guides
  • Transition to operations
  • How to avoid common mistakes on an ERP Project
  • ERP Templates and tools for your next ERP Project


Upon completion of our ERP Roadmap & Project Planning course you will:

  • Know how to develop an ERP Roadmap at the start of the project
  • Understand how to map project objectives and success metrics to the company's overall vision and goals
  • Be able to identify stakeholders on your project and know the steps required to gather and organize requirements for your ERP Systems
  • Know how to develop a RFP to select the right ERP vendor for your project
  • Have a practical framework to proceed through the implementation, data migration, testing and go-live phases
  • Have the tools to do this on your own - ERP Roadmap (.pptx), stakeholder analysis and requirements gathering templates, ERP Roadmap template

Who should register for this course?

Having a proper ERP Roadmap is essential part of the process in order to execute your next ERP Project. It is important to prepare yourself and other stakeholders before you start. This course is most suited for:

  • Project managers
  • Associate/Asst. Manager - Projects
  • Team leads/Managers
  • Project Executives/CIOs/President
  • Software Developers
  • Any stakeholder who will be involved on an ERP Project
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Rob Johnson, PMP, B.Comm
Rob Johnson, PMP, B.Comm
Instructor and Coach

Every company wants their project delivered faster, cheaper and better. The problem is not many companies know how. I do. That's what makes project management and project managers so important. Companies need you, they need project managers.

My name is Rob Johnson, I earned my PMP Certification in 2003 and have been teaching project management since 2005. If you want to pass your exam, learn how to become a great project manager and have fun learning then sign-up for my courses, workshops or one-on-one coaching.

When I'm delivering projects, I ask "why"? Why is it being done, what will be the benefit and who does it impact? This applies to a single project or the entire IT program. I then focus on the nuts-and-bolts of a project leading team members to deliver what really matters that will transform the business – whether it is your next big e-commerce store or a core company application.

How did I start out as a project manager? After university, it seemed I was destined for a finance career, but instead, I started out as a project manager at Critical Mass the year before the dot-com bubble excitement. I’ve never looked back. I spent five years at Critical Mass honing my skills as a project manager and digital marketer working on Mercedes-Benz, Dell, Hyatt, and Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Authority (LVCVA) accounts. Let me assure you, what happened in Vegas can benefits your project.

I have a proven track record of delivering complex projects, ERP implementations, digital solutions and e-commerce websites with large team sizes, multiple stakeholders and big budgets. Go ahead, throw down serious project budgets, timelines and team sizes. The bigger the job, the more rewarding it is seeing it delivered.

I bring 18 years of project management experience to the classroom, I know project delivery and how to relate this to online courses, classrooms and coaching. Each day I will make you better than yesterday. I will work with you to pass your exam, be a better project manager, increase your earning potential and advance your career.